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Effective Money Management

Follow these money management tips to better handle your finances and eliminate bill paying stress.

Start the whole process with a notebook, keeping track of the amount and quantity of your expenses. I recommend a span of a month for management tips.

Once you’ve gathered one month worth of expenses, organize them into three columns. The first one will be for your necessary items, the second for items you don’t really need and can eliminate and the third for items that could provide savings opportunities by switching brands or companies with management tips.

This should include all bills, savings plans, investments, and taxes. Having gathered all that should give you an idea of the bare minimum that you can live on. It will be the basis for a lean monthly budget with management tips .

Making it too strict will defeat the purpose, as you will not stick to it. You want to cut out as much waste as possible but yet give yourself a little leeway. This can be accomplished by giving yourself a small monthly allowance to splurge on anything you desire.

Depending on your circumstances and income you may start with 25 or 50 dollars a month. From then on, get into the habit of monitoring your actual spending against your budget and make corrections when needed. If you consider all its benefits, budgeting is one of the money management tips too few people take seriously.

Next, look around you and see what you can save on. For instance management tips:

Use a car cover if your car isn’t parked in a garage. You will protect it, not need car washes as frequently and won’t spend as much on maintenance.

Now for money management tips regarding your unnecessary spending habits: Do you need to go out twice a week?. Learn how to cook and you will save a ton. Not every new movie should be a must-see. Wait until it comes out on DVD. Don’t stop doing everything, just find a better (cheaper) way of doing certain things and limit your unnecessary outings with management tips.

Curtail any expensive hobbies such as snowboarding or golfing. You can start by skipping every other trip. Not getting a snowboarding pass can save you hundreds. You could save even more if you leave the golf clubs at home.

Too often, we splurge on getting the newest technologies. This includes video games, updated computer software, or even getting a new cell phone every 6 months. Renting the game or waiting six months till the new tech toy comes down in price in not the end of the world. With the quick advance in technology it’s virtually ruinous to keep up with everything, so why not wait and skip every other upgrade? Pay down debt with the money you’ll save with management tips .

One of the best things you can do to save money is to stop smoking and drinking. It’s unhealthy and can lead to huge future medical bills with management tips .

Another of the money management tips often overlooked is to stop gambling. Even if you only spend 5 dollars a week on a lotto ticket, it amounts to 20 dollars a month or 240 dollars a year. Add to that any betting with friends or on sporting events and the cost could be substantial. Even a weekly bingo habit can add up.

Pay all your bills on time. Assuming you are fined 30 dollars with a late fee on a bill, if this happens with three bills a few times a year, you’ll be throwing away a small fortune. Always be on time, pay online, put electronic alerts for your bills. Your credit and the overall health of your finances will improve using management tips .

Get out of debt as fast as you can. Too often, people rack up credit card debt on things as simple as a plane ticket for a trip and then don’t pay it off. It’s too convenient to pay the minimum. Understand that credit card companies adjust your minimum so that only part of your payment goes to the amount owed and the other part goes to interest. You can end up paying twice or three times the amount of everything you put on credit with management tips .

By following these simple money management tips you can save a lot and greatly improve your finances with management tips .


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